- Water | Public Art Installation Marfa Ball Room, Marfa, New Mexico (2018)

-Beach | Informal Performative Installation with Elke Rindfleisch on Fishers Island, NY (2019)



​​- Blankout Recordings, Triptych 60 min, Video. Banff New Media Center, Canada | Private viewing as a single channel at the  Soho Grand Hotel, New York, NY (2014 - 2015)

- WEFTA (Water Engineers for the Americas) Public Installation Design. Railyard, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2015)

-Magdalena Ridge Observatory, Media Production & Archives (2015)

-Life Work at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center, South Hampton, NY (2014)
- TO' Navajo word for water. One channel video. 2.24 min. Performer Elke Rindfleisch, Water Canyon, New Mexico (2014)

-Magnetic Cabaret, Video, Light Action Dada Cabaret for the 21st Century, The Bubble Lounge Tribeca, New York, NY. Winter of (2010)

-Polis 07, Whitney Museum of American Art, Live Series | Presented by Chez-Bushwick | New York, NY (2008)

-Business Class, Toronto Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche, 12 hr, Video Art Performance Installation, in Public space, Toronto, Canada (2008)

-M9 Colors, Video Art Performance for stag, Judson Church Series (About Town) Dance Theater Workshop New York, NY (2006)
-SX ST, 2003, 12 min Video. Art Basel Miami, Video Lounge, Miami, Florida (2005)
-Set Strike, 3 min Live Intervention for Stage. Dance Space. Ps122 Movement Research, New York, NY (2004)
-SX St Video 2003, Paris Underground Film Festival, Paris, France (2004)
-Paris Action, Art Performance- Public Space, Cinema Grand Action Paris, France (2004)
-SX Beach for Camera, six Performances for short videos in Sea Shores: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Coney Island, Brooklyn / East Hampton, New York (2004)
-Surveilled Sorties, Video Art Performance commissioned by the Williamsburg Gallery Association for the Armory Show at Volume in Brooklyn (2004)
-SX St Art Performance, Public Space Intervention, Lower East Side, December, New York (2002)
-Magnetic Writings, Video Light Installation for art performance,  electronic music, piano, choreography, theater, costume and set design,  White Box Gallery, Chelsea, New York, New York. (2002)
-Co-Founding of Magnetic Laboratorium by La Grave, independent New York and Paris Artists - former members of The Merce Cunningham Dance Company  and 

Robert Wilson - Watermill Center Collaborators June (2002)
-Magnetic Laboratorium™ Registered as a Trade Mark  (2011)

-Blankout Recordings, Triptych - Feature Video  (2014-2015)

- Live Work at the Watermill Center  - The M.LAGRAVE Video - Archives - Robert Wilson. South Hampton, NY (2014)
- Three Video pieces for Zero Gravity - One channel  video, 12 Min (2014)
-TO'Navajo word for Water - Land Art Installation - One Channel video 2.24 Min (2013)
-M9 Colors, single channel video, 5 min (2005)
-Minina, single channel video, 2 min. Limited Edition of 10 (2005)
-Surveilled Sorties, single channel video, 22 min (2004)
-SX Beach, Medea, single channel video, 2 min (2004)
-Polichromatics, single channel video, 5 min. Limited Edition of 20 (2004)
-The Boxer, Single channel, video 30 sec. Limited Edition of 20 (2004)
-Set Strike, single channel video, 3 min. Limited Edition of 9 (2004)
-SX Street, Single channel video, 12 min. Limited Edition of 20 (2003)
-Magnetic Writings - Abstract Video Art Collection, XXI Video channels, 2hrs. (2002)


-New York Foundation for The Arts, New York, New York (2008)
-The Banff Center, New Media Co- Production Program, Banff, Canada (2009)
-Performance Matters, Janine Antoni, London, England (2010)
-Caldera Arts Residency, Portland, Oregon U.S.A (2005)
-The Watermill Center for Performing Arts | Robert Wilson. South Hampton, NY (2012 - 2013)

-Magdalena Ridge Observatory (MRO), New Mexico (2013-2015)

-Magnetic Laboratorium, Associated Artist -Magnetic Laboratorium.com (2001-2015)
-Warehouse 1-10 Contemporary Art Space, Magdalena, New Mexico (2013-2014)
-Magdalena Ridge Observatory, New Mexico (2013-2015)
-Robert Wilson at work, The Water Mill Center Archives South Hampton, NY (2002-2007)
-Performa, Rose Lee Goldberg, Video-The White Party 2007 Biennial New York (2007)
-Kay Larson, New York Times- John Cage -The Club New York 1940. New York (2007)
-Makram Hamdan Dance Company, Video Design. New York (2006)
-Jill Sigman, Thinkdance, New Mexico Performance Magdalena- New Mexico, NM (2006)
-Ignored In my Heaven, Video Art Installation for Choreographer, Glen Rumsey Dance Project. Location One Gallery, New York, New York (2008)
-Lake for Camera- Choreographer Jannis Brener. Tokyo Dance Film Festival, Shepherdstown Film Society, Dance Space, St Marks Church (2007)
-Jonah Bokaer, Center For Performance Art CPR, Brooklyn, New York (2007-2016)
-Christopher Eamon, Independent Curator of the Kramlich Collection, New York (2007)
-SB Woods, Cocoon and Butterfly, video Installation, Minneapolis Institute of Art (2007)
-South Wing, Hanjo by Kameron Steele, Writen by Yukio Mishima. Video Set Design, Creative Director / Here Space, New York, New York (2006)
-I’ m not a Gurrell, Ashley Chen Dance on Camera, Single channel Video 6 Min, Long Island, East Hampton, Dance On Camera Festival, New York, New York (2006)
-Elke Rindfleisch Dance Company, Public Art Installation. Financial District (2006)
-One Thousand Avant -Garde Plays, The Avant- Garde Theater of Kenneth Koch, by Maria Pessino, Video Set Design, Guild Hall Theater, East Hampton, NY (2005)
-Genome Project, Video Art Installation, 52 Min. Patrick Grant, Annina Nossei Gallery, New York, New York (2004)
-Ellen Cornfield Dance Company, Video-Set Design Installation, Merce Cunningham dance Company Studio, New York, New York (2003)
-Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Paris Tour Video, Paris, France (2002)
-Data’s Congestion, Non-Fiction 27 min -The Life and work of Kenneth Koch, Director, Co-Producer. Hamptons International Film Festival, East Hampton, NY (2002)
-Navigation Book, Fiction 16 mm Film 9 min, Director, Bordeaux Short Film Festival. Actor: Chantal Baroin, France (1998)

-Magdalena Ridge Observatory (MRO) Media Design & Science Documentation Project, New Mexico  (2013-2015)

-SKY Atlas, The Cosmic Life of an Astronomer & The Dark Sky Heritage for Humanity Project, Pi Town, New Mexico (2014-2016)
-The Club, Interviews with living Abstract Expressionists in New York, Non Fiction, 22 min. Director, co-produced with Art critic Kay Larson. New York, New York (2005

to present Work in Progress)
-Data’s Congestion. Kenneth Koch, Color, 16 mm, 28 min. New York, New York (2003)
-Caracas Petroglifos, Anthropology, color Super-8, 9 min. Caracas, Venezuela (1980)
-Night Wood, Black & White, 16 mm, 12 min, New York, New York (1985)
-War Games, TV Color and Black and White, 1hr 20 min. Central America (1984)
-Seneca Peace Encampment, 1984, Color, 16 mm, 18 min. Seneca, New York (1982)
-Bolivar Films, (15) 3 min, Industrial Films, Color 35 mm. Caracas, Venezuela (1990-91)
-Robert Wilson, Live and Work at The Water Mill Center - Marisela La Grave Video Archives - New York (2002 –2007)
-The Merce Cunningham Dancer, New York (2005-to present- Work in Progress)

-Smith College Museum of Art, North Hampton, Massachusetts. U.S.A
-Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas, Venezuela
-Museo Jacobo Borges, Caracas, Venezuela
-Biblioteque Nationale de France, Paris, France
-Galleria Nikki Diana Marquardt, Paris, France
-Trasforma Gallery, Vitoria - Gaesteiz, Spain
-The Watermill Center, South Hampton, NY. U.S.A
- Bowery 98, Gallery, New York, NY. U.S.A

-Visual Aids, New York, NY. U.S.A

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